Empire: Total War

Fun strategy game that simulates Roman wars

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Empire: Total War is a turn-based grand strategy and historical tactical video game. It was developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega in 2009.

Road to Independence

Empire: Total War is the fifth installment of the highly successful Total War series. In this game, you will be taken to the 18th-century battlefields of Europe, North America, and India.

Empire is an immense game created to appeal to the hardcore historical strategy gamers. It starts its journey with the Road to Independence Campaign. The purpose of the Road to Independence is to get the players updated on the skills necessary to tackle the Grand Campaign. However, it stands on its own merits. With scripted objectives and great story telling, it keeps you engaged.

The Road to Independence takes place on the American continent. It follows the birth of the United States. The story is inspiring and engaging. You will thoroughly enjoy the gameplay. It is an emotional and exciting journey with a great setup. Your objective will be to secure the entire seaboard from Georgia to Maine.

Grand Campaign

The Grand Campaign is a larger affair with more parts of the world at stake. Each nation of Europe faces unique problems, and you will have to come up with strategies to keep those nations free and sovereign. For example, England has to protect her shores while Austria has to fight off the Ottoman empire.

Complex Ecosystem and Gameplay

In Empire: Total War, you have to take on the challenge of stabilizing a world torn between war and peace. One minute you have to deal with the administration of a country’s taxes and trade, next minute you will be marching soldiers on foot and horseback to storm the enemy.

The most innovative part of this game is the 3D battles on the sea. Besides providing breathtaking graphics, the battles provide strategic challenges of dealing with a maritime environment. You have to take into account the wind, the waves, and the sizes of your ships.

This game requires a lot of processing power. You will need a good graphics card to enjoy the beautiful 3D visual effects. Also, the music provides a great atmosphere to compliment the heart-pounding visuals and actions.


Empire: Total War doesn’t disappoint. It is an ambitious game that provides all the excitement and challenges you would expect from an epic strategy game. The sea battles can use some improvements in terms of tactical complexity. Hopefully, future games in the series will improve on this aspect. Overall, this is one of the best empire building tactical games out there.


  • Beautifully rendered seascapes and land battles
  • Simplified trade and tax processes make them easier to handle
  • Both campaigns provide hours of enjoyable gameplay
  • Music and sound effects provide appropriate background noise


  • Maritime battle strategies lacks sophistication compared to land battles
  • Requires powerful computer components to render the graphics

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